Thursday, 30 June 2011

Red or Grey - now that is the question

My daughter's school is closed today for strike action, which I agree with but at the same time get really pissed off about as it means yet another day of learning is missed.
The plus-side of this day off, is that I am able to lie in my bed with my coffee, listening to the birds tweet in the garden, while my daughter attempts her homework.
Suddenly there is this shriek of excitement.
"Mummy, I can see a red squirrel in the garden!!!!!"
"Really darling, are you sure?" is my unexcited response.
"Oh mummy, it was only a grey one", there were undertones of sadness.
And on we went, with me slurping my coffee and my child muttering about spellings and literacy.
"Mummy?  Did you know that there are only 16 red squirrels left in England?"
", I didn't", I replied.
"Yes and one of them is in our garden", she said with pride.
Amazing what they learn at school these days.


  1. Bring her to Denmark, there are hundreds of them! They are far cuter than the mangy grey ones, if not a little suicidal the closer it gets to hibernation! They are in such a rush to store away food, they could do with a few road crossing lessons from Tufty to be honest! Emma

  2. Hi Emma. My neighbour is Danish and sings her country's praises. I have never been to any of the Scandinavian countries but would love to one day.
    So maybe we'll come in search of the cheeky red squirrel. :-)

  3. You should go to Norway too... Denmark is nice, but Norway is stunningly beautiful, they also have reds! Emma :)