Sunday, 22 January 2012

On the buses

I have been spending more time on the buses this year then I did last year.
(I'm talking about the academic year)
And I've noticed something about older men.
Forgive me for generalising, but many older men like to sit on a double seat with their knees open.
The knees being open means that they typically take up more than half the seat, thus making it difficult for another person to sit comfortably on what is left.
Surely they're aware that there isn't much room for a second person.
My other gripe, although I'm going to call it an observation, is about secondary school children.  If I can't the 8.15am bus, then I find that I am squashed between 100s of very loud teenagers.  The decibel level on the bus goes through the roof and the language is unbelievable.  These teenagers all have on the uniforms and are representing their school.   It makes me wonder what the school would think.  They seem oblivious to anyone else and show absolutely no consideration for other people.
Perhaps it's I getting old?

Silent Sunday

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The first post of the New Year!

Firstly, I think it is appropriate to say Happy New Year to everyone.
And for those of you in Germany: Guten Rutsch
And in France: Bonne AnnĂ©e
And a nod to my Welsh friends: Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 
The list is endless, so I'll stop there.
On reflection, it seems that my language list could go on for quite a while as I have many friends and family who live both far and near, from Zimbabwe to Dublin.
Having read the lovely Emma's blog about her New Year's Eve experience in Bavaria, it makes me think about all the traditions that exist in other countries.  Not just in other countries but within our own individual communities and families.
As a teenager growing up, I hated New Year's Eve and always had disastrous parties.  But in my early twenties, things did improve a bit.  I can remember one when I was probably 21 or 22.  I went with a couple of girlfriends to a bar in Camden.  There was lots of dancing and I bumped into two friends of my brother's, Tom and Chris (3 years younger than me).  They were gorgeous and I flirted outrageously, dancing with both of them.  But if I had to keep score of good NYE nights, then I think it was one of the best.  
I can remember choosing with my now ex-husband to sleep through one NYE.  I also remember a really awkward fancy dress party that we went to that one of his school friends was having.  I don't drink but everyone else did, I couldn't wait to get home.
The past few years, I have spent NYE out with some fairly new friends and we go dancing.  I don't feel any pressure with them to do anything but dance and that is fine.  But what I'd really like is to be able to spend NYE with a partner, doing something low-key or having a dinner party for friends or watching the fireworks from a distance.
Will it happen?
I have to remain optimistic and raise a glass half-full to toast in the New Year.