Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Trials and tribulations of online dating

I keep trying this as a possible resource for meeting a new partner, but without much success.
I have just finished a month's subscription to the Guardian Soulmates.  My profile had been active since July but without much interest, then just at the end of August, an interesting chap emailed me.  In order to respond, I had to subscribe, so I did it for a month.  The chap and I exchanged many emails and then moved on to texts.  And then there was nothing.  He did not reply to my jovial text.  I waited a week and then gave up.  I have no idea why he didn't continue our conversation but it left me feeling a bit despondent.   I'm about to go into a crazy, busy 8 months and so I decided not to renew and maybe try again later.
My best friend joined after me and has managed to already have one date.  In fact, many of my friends have met their partners online, so why am I finding it so difficult?  I've sent out emails, I've 'liked' various men but had no response back.  I wonder what it is about me that does not interest others enough to even have a curiosity about me.  I want to meet someone and I want to share my life with someone.  Should I stop wanting it and get on with my life?  My sister thinks that if I stop looking, it will happen.
So, I'm going to try not to dwell on it.  Patience will have to be a virtue.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Silent Sunday - fleur de jour

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Sunday, 11 September 2011


My friend used to live across the river from Manhattan in Hoboken.
I can remember her telling me her story from 911.  She was standing in her pijamas, on the telephone to her mum in Michigan and looking out of her living room window.  The first plane hit the north tower and she stopped talking.  A massive, dense black cloud of dust came towards her from across the river.  The second plane hit the south tower and she ran out of her building in her slippers and pijamas.  She didn't know that it was two planes that had caused the dust cloud and her mind switched off.  Hysterical with fear, she just kept moving.  We heard from her two days later.  She was traumatised by the attack.  Her mum drove to New York and picked her up and brought her home.  She couldn't live there anymore.
The attack on 11th September 2001, did more then just kill thousands of people, it created a sense of instability and vulnerability with it's destructive nature.
Tonight, I will light a single candle to honour all those who were and still are affected by what happened a decade ago.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Not really Cricket

This is a bit like saying that it just isn't British.
Well the telly was inadvertently left on tonight, while I was wallowing in a hot bath (makes me sound like a hippo, which I am not, although I do feel like one sometimes).  
And I'm lying there wondering what it is I am listening to.
I hear roars and screams.  There is the sound of mad applause.  The commentators voices rise in pitch with fervent excitement.
I get out of the bath, wrap myself in an over sized towel and walk back into the living room.
To my amazement, it was cricket.
Not a world cup football match, or the finals at Wimbledon, but simply an England vs. India cricket match.
Whatever happen to civilized, gentle clapping, eh?

Sunday, 4 September 2011


So I have a question, in light of the film out at the moment, what do we think about having a 'friend with benefits'?


I have a friend who is also another blogger.
She is someone that I consider to be like a sister.
My child calls her auntie.
She is part of my extended family.
But recently she wrote a post about a night out that we had.
There was another couple of friends with us but while she was up for a night filled with drinking, the rest of us were not.
She managed to chat to a young bloke while we were waiting for our table, which didn't surprise any of us as she is stunning and then our table was ready.
The meal was fantastic but most of us were happy with one cocktail, she had 2.
At the end of the night when we walked out of the restaurant, the young bloke was walking towards us.  She went off with him and we all went home.
This evening I read her blog about that night.  It was from her perspective.
She was peeved that no-one wanted to drink that night.  She wanted a wild night and was disappointed that I for one didn't.  After reading her post, I felt like I wasn't enough.  I have never drunk more than one drink and she has known this from the beginning of our friendship, so why would she expect anything different.  
Reading that post felt a bit like being an eavesdropper and you know what they say about eavesdroppers, that they never hear good of themselves.
But should that really be the case amongst good friends?
Or should I just let it go?  She is after all, completely free to write and express whatever she wants to, about whomever she wants to, regardless of who is going to read it.
Is it a case of 'bygones'?