Sunday, 22 January 2012

On the buses

I have been spending more time on the buses this year then I did last year.
(I'm talking about the academic year)
And I've noticed something about older men.
Forgive me for generalising, but many older men like to sit on a double seat with their knees open.
The knees being open means that they typically take up more than half the seat, thus making it difficult for another person to sit comfortably on what is left.
Surely they're aware that there isn't much room for a second person.
My other gripe, although I'm going to call it an observation, is about secondary school children.  If I can't the 8.15am bus, then I find that I am squashed between 100s of very loud teenagers.  The decibel level on the bus goes through the roof and the language is unbelievable.  These teenagers all have on the uniforms and are representing their school.   It makes me wonder what the school would think.  They seem oblivious to anyone else and show absolutely no consideration for other people.
Perhaps it's I getting old?

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  1. On teenagers on public transport, I always managed to block the swearing out. The thing that used to wind me up the most was the inability to put a sentence together without saying the word "like" 50,000 times!!! :)