Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have a friend who is also another blogger.
She is someone that I consider to be like a sister.
My child calls her auntie.
She is part of my extended family.
But recently she wrote a post about a night out that we had.
There was another couple of friends with us but while she was up for a night filled with drinking, the rest of us were not.
She managed to chat to a young bloke while we were waiting for our table, which didn't surprise any of us as she is stunning and then our table was ready.
The meal was fantastic but most of us were happy with one cocktail, she had 2.
At the end of the night when we walked out of the restaurant, the young bloke was walking towards us.  She went off with him and we all went home.
This evening I read her blog about that night.  It was from her perspective.
She was peeved that no-one wanted to drink that night.  She wanted a wild night and was disappointed that I for one didn't.  After reading her post, I felt like I wasn't enough.  I have never drunk more than one drink and she has known this from the beginning of our friendship, so why would she expect anything different.  
Reading that post felt a bit like being an eavesdropper and you know what they say about eavesdroppers, that they never hear good of themselves.
But should that really be the case amongst good friends?
Or should I just let it go?  She is after all, completely free to write and express whatever she wants to, about whomever she wants to, regardless of who is going to read it.
Is it a case of 'bygones'?


  1. Hmmm... I would let it go, and be proud of yourself for sticking to your own rules and being yourself! Emma :)

  2. Morning Emma,
    Yes, I will let it go. I think, like her, I just needed to write about it in order to discard it. :-)