Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On reflection

Having indulged in the whim of Fifty Shades, I had an epiphany moment yesterday evening.
My ex-boyfriend appeared at an event I was at.
It took me a while to bring my emotions under control.
I laughingly told him, as I did 6 weeks ago, that as I probably wouldn't see him for another year, that I was going to dance with him.
He told me that when he saw me here, he almost left.
Why did he then stay?

Having danced many dances with him, I came away from it feeling confused again.
He had me dance with my eyes closed.
He told me he was going to show me a different way to do a particular move.
Trusting him implicitly, I closed my eyes.
For me, sadly, this was a heavenly experience.
I am a sub to his dom and I'm not sure how to change that.
I wish he'd never reappeared.
After over a year, I'm shocked that he can still produce so much emotional turmoil in me.

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