Monday, 2 July 2012

An empty space where once a friend stood....

It seems that I have indeed been dumped, as I had thought back in my post dated 14th April.
The situations is as follows.
The man my friend is seeing happens to be the ex of someone that I know.
All things being equal, both women were going to attend my birthday gather....a very informal event and more about eating good food then anything.  However my friend has decided that she and her family cannot come and that she cannot keep the other arrangement that we made.  This conversation took place by phone and I was left feeling shaken.  I wanted to cry.  It is that feeling of being unwanted and wondering if I've done something wrong.
It hurts me that she cannot and doesn't want to be there.
I have made so many attempts at doing something with her over the last few months but she seems to be always busy or has a mega-long to-do list that needs finishing.
I've been getting scraps of her time.
We have not done any of the things that we talked about doing, days out with the children, meals out, London walks.  Nothing.
I've known her a long time and this saddens me.
I'm happy that she has met someone that makes her happy and that she has her own circle of friends, but sad that she doesn't feel able to make room in her life for me.
I do wonder if we'll find a way back from this.


  1. Sad when friends suddenly have different priorities isn't it? I always try and have time for everyone, as I would hate for anyone to feel like this. Hope you're OK.

  2. Hi Emma,
    Honestly, I'm not ok....but I can't force a person to remain a close friend. As every day goes on, I get more of her cold shoulder. I know at some point, I'll stop noticing and life will be normal, but right now I'm sad.
    Hoping your not sad and that your current 'sojourn' is still going well. x