Thursday, 7 July 2011

Striking a balance

I am currently finding it difficult to retain a close friendship without feeling squashed.
I have a friend who very recently moved into the area and is now doing a lot of the same things that I am doing and I feel like I am losing my space.
I know it is my own issue and that I need to sort it out, but sometimes, I just want to do my 'fun' stuff on my own.  I want to meet the new people and get to know them.  I'm a single mum and want to have the opportunity to meet a man, but my friend is in the same boat.  She is particularly beautiful and vivacious and I pale in comparison.
I'm not sure how to manage this.  I don't want to lose this friendship and I truly enjoy the closeness of it, but I'm struggling with the adjustment of proximity.  And if I'm really honest, I'm also struggling with a bit of the 'green eyed monster' and my insecurities.
I think I need to remind myself that we are all unique individuals, each with our own wonderful facets and all different to different people, which in theory is all great, but how do I put it into practice?


  1. Of course everyone is unique, but it is a tricky situation. I would carry on doing what you enjoy, and if you friend happens to be there too then fine! I am sure she values her own space too, and you can hopefully reach a happy medium! Bet it won't take you long to adjust! Emma :)

  2. Hi Emma,
    It ebbs and flows but the relationship feels sibling-like.
    I'm sure I'll look back in a couple of years and think what was I worrying about. x