Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Sunday rant.....nothing silent about it!

I've met a few men in the recent months and had continuous, really good conversations.  Not too flirty, but full of humour, slightly playful and then NOTHING!!!!!!!!
I wish this 'meeting-men' thing came with an instruction manual.  I'm pathetic at it.
I'm trying to be more open minded and less specific on what my so-called perfect man is, thus I'm meeting the occasional interesting man or so I think.
It just feels like we get to the point when we start being a more open in what we talk about and "wooomph!!!" silence.
I just feel like saying, when is it my turn?


  1. Hoping it comes soon enough for you, in the mean time have fun! Emma :)

  2. I am having fun. It is just always so disappointing when a possibility falls through :-)